Screenshots of the OpenQuestions Drupal module

The OpenQuestions Drupal module is designed to find tough questions for politicians to be asked. Here are some screenshots of the module's output.

This shows as an example a very weak question (using an actual question that was asked by a New York Times reporter):

weak question

That question was submitted by "NYTReporter" and addressed to Barack Obama. To the right, you can see that two Experts have the correct impression of the question: one gave the question a vote of just 1, and the other reported it as Not a question. Both those Experts used the voting/reporting form you see at the bottom of the image. ("Experts" are those in the oq_expert role, and they can vote on and report questions).

A table on each Expert's user profile shows all the nodes in their fields:

weak question

This Expert reported two questions as "Not a question" and "Not applicable" and voted 7 on another question. The expert hasn't voted on or reported the remaining question. This table helps hold Experts accountable. If "An actual tough question" is actually a tough question but the Expert won't vote on it because the Expert disagrees with it, then you can leave a comment either on the Expert's user profile or on the question itself pointing that out. The goal is to make Experts take a stand, even if they disagree with a question.

Each vote or report by an Expert also has its own page like this:

weak question

The table at the bottom shows any vote revisions, in reverse chronological order. Two days ago, the Expert gave "My tough question" a 1 vote, but then changed his mind and reported it as "Not a question". In this case, either are correct.